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Studio Day 1 Initial setup

FAROUT FACT:  4 years ago today... was the last time our old 5 piece Merrin went in to Matrix Digital to track.  Whoah couldn't believe it when I was reminded this morning. 

It's Friday here in little, loud but proud New Zealand.  It's getting cold.  It's winter.  The guys are setting up their equipment in the studio tonight.  Some of us are used to being in studio, others of us aren't, so we are hoping for this to be a positive experience for everyone involved.  First and foremost, we are family.  We are in it for the best times, the funny times and the harder times.  

This for me is an epic time.  I love being in studio...I think I was born to be here.  I think I will die here.  I love the sterile nature of the studio.  I love the silence it offers at the times when I need it the most and the thoughts that flood my head when I'm in that silence.   

I am guiding the guys all weekend...I hope to be helpful, not painful haha

See you tomorrow folks xx

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