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Hey de ho...So we have been getting a bit of, “what’s the next step?” from people…

I don’t see why any artist should be expected to answer this but we seem to get it frequently. It’s almost like there is only one way to succeed as artists, or something. When Karl and I first came up with the plan to really make something happen with Merrin years ago, we were always in it to build something we believe in. We don’t mind that not everyone gets where we are going, we are not walking anyone else’s path. We have met many different people, some opinionated, others indifferent, some lovers, a few haters. ALL we have learned from in one way or another. ALL we appreciate because in a way, you have all helped to shape a resilient heartbeat.

We know we are in it for the long run, we are not aiming to make the "one hit wonders" list, we are in it for life. Lately, many have seen a whole lot of changes in us and are often asking us what we are doing, what our next move is, why we are quiet, why is Charlie looking like that? The crazy thing is that this is how I have always been. Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I love being able to go from being a “nobody” to looking completely “dramatic” not pretty... my perception of pretty is a lot more warped than most and I don’t want to scare you all, therefore small doses is probably a safe option. So yes, yes I am a crazy little bundle of freaky deaky. I won’t justify anything other than to say… “Hey hunny, I’m hooooome”! On the band front, to be honest we aren’t quiet. We have things in the background that just take time to evolve, we aren’t up for sharing stuff too early. We just played a fantastic gig with our new team and that was an exhilarating challenge in itself. We didn’t know if we would be appreciated for it or not but we had an absolute blast. Yes we have changed direction, but that just makes us rock up to the challenge. :D

So...what’s the next step?…Don’t worry, be happy, be patient, it’s a virtue! We will still be here and later in the year, we will be playing a lot more. Right now, we aim to work with the team towards writing and shaping our sound. THIS is what we love, so why so serious?

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