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Charlie's Haven Journal Entry #1 - Opening up the can of worms.

Hey everyone, I'm a bit tragic when it comes to catching up with so many of my friends so somebody suggested to me a while back to make a tumblr account. This works in theory if you like being on social media 24/7 in and out of various pages. To be honest, I have enough problem trying to figure out what to wear and what to eat in a day without having a plan. Even a mere few social sites, is enough to mess with this pyscho Libran mind. Coffee's a great start and I figure so is a simple blog in the place I love to be.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and many of you sent me some stunning love. Funny I don't know what it is but the older I get, the simpler I want things. I'm sure when I was younger, I wanted everything I couldn't afford. I wanted the all the preciouseses and a bucket of KFC Hot 'n' Spicy so I could stuff myself stupid till I couldn't breathe and enough harsh Tennessee Whiskey to drown the pain of no control over my choices for dessert.

This year, it was a great cup of coffee, a slice of orange polenta cake from one of my current favourite chill zones "Sweet Vanilla Cafe" located at 49 Pretoria St, Lower Hutt, for breakfast... and last but not least, to just get in some writing time. All happened, all hellishly fabulous! Shameless promotion on "Sweet Vanilla Cafe" but hey seriously, they are super awesome and they have awards to prove it. If you're in the area sometime and wanna try it, lemme know. I'll come and catch up ;)

Speaking of this, I noted my love for coffee has grown in abundance this year, only recently. I'm turning in to something of a stroppy munchkin if I don't receive my delicious fix within a short time frame first thing in the morning. It's quite stupid to watch, I should get Karl to video it sometime, it could be really amusing.

2016 fumbled it's way to me this year with so much death of loved ones, and loved musical influencers, so much change and anxiety surrounding health issues, it's made me really mindful of the madness that can solidify when so much stuff is going on around you. At the start of this year I started down a very scary path of pain killers for an ailment that I'm struggling to control. It's scary when all of a sudden out of the blue you know you are young but are not able to walk anymore because of extreme pain. Then to top it off, my guy, the reason why this whole crazy adventure started in the first place... had to have cancer removed. This is not the first time, but it's certainly the worst one yet. It crushed us both. I'll leave these tales for another entry.

So...What's happening with the band, man?:

Now, there have been some people out there who have been desperately inquisitive since the introduction of our new line-up,and have felt the need to ask people that aren't really able to tell them much, because, you're asking the wrong people (just saying). So here it is... With Angelo Pantelakis and Logan Wood coming aboard, our crew, including our manager Heather (aka The Pitbull), decided that we would rather play a little less this year, jam, write and try and find time to form friendships. I know that's not as dirty gritty sinister as some might like, so I'm going to say we had a satanic ritual and after eating the heads off bats we all got violent vomitting and diahorrea for months and months. The End. Seriously though, when the right demons connect, it's amazing how you can find a sense of family all over again. These are not just guys that I have agreed to play alongside ... This family is blood to me. Bonding time is vital to help us feel safe enough to unleash all the weirds so we can find our core sound. This is the sound that really matters to Merrin as a whole, it helps form who we are artistically. Passion for writing has stirred again, because the fit is feeling right. It's not broke, there is nothing to fix. We just need time and a place to be together, have some good laughs and focus. We are doing as much of that, as time permits. Now the fun stuff to talk about: I've been watching a lot of exorcist lately, oh and horrors in general. oh and SKYRIM got released this Friday, so my eyeballs are hanging out a bit today from late nights either working or gaming where I could. We have some things to expose, within the next couple of months. All will be revealed in our December Mother Madness Shenanigans #mms. So make sure you look out for it. Anyway, I've talked your faces off enough I reckon. I better save some of my mind for another entry. Stay freaky people xx ~Charlie

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