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Day 8 Ode to the Homicidal Trash Queen

Last night, I was stuck in a loop with OTTHTQ. I know it's a long title but one day Karl came to me while I was making a coffee and said, “I really want to write a song where the start hits with these lyrics, I'm a trash queen and I don't even give a fuck!”

Sure it was funny as hell seeing him say that, knowing the type of guy he is. I knew that me being my trashy self, I could own those words so I ran with it and my imagination went wild again.

Only thing was there was this empty space where I was just saying we both have know for a little while needed a bit o' sumfin' sumfin'. I figured since we only have two more songs vocally to track, I would leave this one last.

Well, my brain decided to take over the show last night and this morning, it was done like a done thing!

Indubadably pleased.

Charlie xx

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