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Day 14 The saints and the sinners...

All artists ever want to do is be themselves. It's 3:30am and I'm currently listening to our mixes. I can't help but think that some people will take some of the lyrics or thoughts written, out of context. This album of songs lead down a path where I get to be most adventurous and creative. It took me to a road I've walked down in a past life. It also reminds me of a world, I no longer fear, but embrace for what it is. I also wanted to bring in elements of the fight between dark and light. Let's face it, too many of us often fight to stay in a good place. Of course there is the whole reason our band even exists so I wanted to align that too. Ode to the dark childhood memories, where the light was the only hope left. So yes there are demonic and potentially sinister elements to this album. The Huntress who goes on her murderous rampage. A chilling prayer. A plea to be let go. A cry for understanding. There are also some beautiful, raw, heartfelt moments too. War Within, shares a moment I finally gave up trying to be everything to everyone, I realised that I was no longer happy and something had to change or my zest or passion for the musical world surrounding me would be gone for good. Get Gone is on the insanity side, this is where my imagination was led astray with Silent Hill nurses at the beckon. Father, ode to Father Lancaster Merrin the fictional character that stirred something in a young mans belief systems years ago in a hospital room, just to survive. I too have fought with my own demons in fact I relate to all of this oddly more than I care to remember. I thought it would be appropriate to attack this song from the point of view that the exorcism was for me and it wasn't quite enough. If I was in that position, I'd probably fail miserably and stop fighting the good girl fight so go save yourself Father Merrin...Not every sinner can be saved. Do it for the scarred and the broken. *Dramatic music here

Considering the time frame we've had, I'm excited to think of what will happen in future projects as time becomes more available. In the meantime, we want our existing fans to have something because they have stuck by us no matter what and love the direction our music is headed. We thought it would be nice for them to take something home they can play and be stoked about.

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