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Day 15 Time to bring our baby home...

Yip that’s right. Matrix have been down right fabulous to work with for the initial part of the project. Karl is working through a lot of this from home now that we have the initial layout. Mate terms: Karl’s doing a thing, with the things, and he’s gonna plan for the things to come out the way we want. Tis’ good shit! By bringing some of the work home it gives everyone a better time frame to re-capture everything they are unhappy with. We’re always on the lookout for better ways to build on our sound and this gives us the time to do that. So currently, it’s Saturday the 8th of July, 12:43am to be precise haha. I’ve spent my night listening to Ang working on his parts while Karl is tracking it all. The cool thing I like about tracking at home is...duh, we’re at home… you can record when you want, how you want, eat, sleep and drink when necessary, and yeah it’s pretty much the dream life. I contacted Angelo this week, this is pretty much the convo… Me: Bro, wuddup? Are you working Saturday?

Ang: I gud, Nup I’m not Ydat? Me: Wanna record your parts?

Ang: Yeeyes!

Me: Sweet Karl’s keen to track till it’s done. All gud?

Ang: Meeeean

Me before he comes over: Got food sorted! :D

(it’s the important things in life)

Ang walks in: I bought those cookies you like

Me: *Eyes light up...You rock so much bro

(subway raisin cookies are to die for!)

I feel most comfortable here. I made a home cooked meal so the guys could take a break, Quorn “Southern Chicken” burgers, oven baked rosemary and sea salt fries and what I’m going to call an apple and mung bean coleslaw. I’m feeling like I rule right now. The guys got straight back in and I’ve spent the rest of my evening listening to more awesome tracking. I love this. I’m sitting in my favourite chair, not annoying anyone *phew. I’m drinking tea under a blanket at 1am listening to “Father” and I feel like it’s Christmas even if the song has a chilling message to it. For those that don’t know, Father came about from many elements. As soon as Maxwell started feeling that groove coming into play, I just knew instantly what had to be written. It’s not only from the inspiration of “The Exorcist” and “Father Lankester Merrin”. It’s also not only about how we we became driven to build a band called Merrin. This song has helped me accept and let go of some very painful memories from my past that I buried for years. I’m grateful that I could share it in this way because it feels like my confidence has raised since this song. I’ve tried to drown these burdens for far too long, it’s time to be ok with it and love who I am. Wow I’m rambling...It’s 2am, the guys have just come in and are finished. Looks like it’s bed time. Karl has to be up at 8:30am to go and do a 6 hour session recording sound for a video for one of the youth bands he mentors, “Ampathy”. Sweet dreams xx

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