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Day.... oh who friggin' knows anymore 😜

Hey, how are my friends out there tonight?  Thanks for keeping up with me, I really appreciate feeling like I'm not alone in this dairy so thanks... it means so much 😊

Went back to Angs tonight to re-track something that wasn't quite sitting well within the mix.  It's feeling right now 🙂👍

Came home and Karl started looking at the 3rd song drum tracks to work on, The Huntress.  I am tracking a little more vocal work for War Within tomorrow.  There are a couple of things that are bugging me.  

It's 1:42am and I'm exhausted but Karl is still in the zone so hopefully he won't be up too late.

I wanted this to be short and sweet so hopefully I don't die inside when I read this later.

Oh artwork both new Merrin image and album artwork is starting to look fantastic 👍🙊

Sweet, night people!

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