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2020... The 'Save Me' daydream

Hey so I thought I should share a little bit about where the lyrics have come from on behalf of our band. I'm often asked on the spot and never feel like I give a good enough answer, so here I am, a screen warrior for #2020 #hoorah! We can't wait to share Save Me, which is being released this Saturday, the 18th of Jan. It's an exhilarating time for us all. It is for anyone who is preparing music for release, independently.

Everything is coming together just the way we wanted. Much like our music, we don't aim to walk with the latest trends. We enjoy making music that leaves us, with an amazing feeling when we play it live. Confession: 2018 and 2019 we're hard years. Even though amazing things were clearly happening for us at the time, unexepected life circumstances kept kicking us down and whispering deep into our ear canals, "Stay low!". It made us resilient. It's given us reason to take a 'More truth, less BS' approach to life. We want to encourage the same for everyone we know. We all love being surrounded by people who are genuine, positive and strong and we want to gift that to everyone we connect with. We've been reminded by many amazing people over the years not to allow our 'spark' or 'passion' to drain from us or our music. I saw value in this message. The music industry is not an easy road travelled. So, after a few years of pain and intense hard work, here we are. #2020 #SaveMe ... and reality is finally kicking in. So what's it all about?

Self worth and confidence in your surroundings is a wonderful thing, yet so hard to keep strong with the pressures of the modern world. There is a lot of crazy stuff going on right now. Trumps in. Our Australian mates are dealing with mass devastation. There are needless lives being lost, climate issues, ignorance, arrogance. People are struggling, homeless, jobless. Some are falling through system cracks and desperately need help, yet not receiving it and others are taking advantage of playing the system for all it's worth. People are even getting a hard time for having a lot more than most. Then there are the 'entitled ones'. The ones who feel they have worked for things much more than you! It all gets a bit much.

Should I go on? There is not enough love and laughter going on in this world today. We seem to be too busy as a society, earning while spending time worrying about who is seen, doing what on socials. Honestly, we don't connect as friends in the same way that we used too even though we all mean well. Let's do more of that ;) When this composure started to unfold, we took it as a perfect opportunity to imagine strangers coming up to our home, ringing our doorbell and us outrageously welcoming them into a huge, divalicious, yet badass, rock 'n' roll house party. From there, we would teach said strangers to phase out the world for 3 or so mins by sending them down a rabbit hole destined for mischief at every delightful turn. Which leads me to a random thought this morning. I remember many arguments on social media last year over whether or not, rock is dead. I don't believe it is. I'll sit down and post about this one day. What do you think? Save Me. Check it out and let us know what you think. Charlie x

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