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We are grateful to those who can take the time to review us. This is our little way of creating awareness for their work. Thank you everyone for your time.

Rogue Inc - Kris Peters The music itself breezes from aggressive rock/metal to almost glam metal at times with a subtle mix of soulful passion that shows that Merrin are still experimenting with their sound while at the same time have mastered their craft... MORE HERE


Libel - Gray Vickers

While Mr Dominant has a sexy, dirty rock and roll groove behind it, it looks like Merrin are kicking the door down with more force and ferocity on “1”. A dark horror noir concept record, with an interweaving series of interludes following a story set around the selling ones soul to the devil and the price paid in the transaction... MORE HERE - Lora Thompson From first listen, Merrin's 1 has evolved in leaps and bounds from their earlier singles Sin and Mr Dominant the band are now bringing a much heavier and refined hard rock feel than their previous work.... MORE HERE - Reef Reid **Live Review** The place by this time was chocka, shoulder to shoulder for most of the venue. Song after song and the band kept the audience engaged..... MORE HERE

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