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Looking back on 2017...

Life of 2017

Wow looking back, we had a busy year.

Day one of the New year, we kicked it into gear with the release of our single and music video for Mr Dominant. It was game on and we set ourselves some big challenges for the year ahead.

The next few months saw our Rock under Construction tour take us to Hamilton, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch playing some amazing venues and meeting awesome people along the way.

While we were in Hamilton we took the opportunity to go back to Indx Media and film our music video for Sin, The day was long, but the outcome was fantastic. We are incredibly proud of our Merrin Fam, everyone worked hard and what a great way to introduce our new lineup to everyone. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked on this project with us.

We had the pleasure of playing at City of Song in Upper Hutt in February and it was great to see so many talented local artists come together as one to provide a great day of entertainment.

What a huge buzz it was to be asked by the legendary rockers Strikemaster to support them over two nights at their Album release shows here at The Grand, in Wellington. We were all in awe of these guys and could listen to them for hours.

Over the year we have gained airplay on NZ shows including, The Axe Attack, NZ HardRock Show, Molten Metal Show, Bay Rock Radio, Loft FM, Kaos, 4ZZZ NZ Show in Aussie and many other overseas stations and we are grateful to them all.

A challenge was put to us to record an album in three months....are you crazy????! Apparently we are, we rose to that challenge and we think it is fair to say....we totally smashed it. Our album '1' was created and the lack of sleep and many hours spent nurturing it paid off. We held our album release party to a packed house at Valhalla with the help of our mates Strikemaster and Darkness Within. We could not have asked for a better night, imagine our excitement to hit the NZ Charts in the first week at #8 and to remain on the charts for a further 2 weeks. Thank you so much for your support, we could not have achieved all of this without you.

We found ourselves back at Valhalla in November opening for the beautiful people of Vallkyrie, Thank you for inviting us along to share the start of your EP release tour. We look forward to watching as your future unfolds.

Just as we thought 2017 was coming to a close and a well deserved rest was near we were approached to play main support for US Band Fuel, 13 December in Auckland. We decided that rest could wait and we all thought that's it...we are going to Auckland! We had a blast and along with support band Coridian we played to a packed house at The Studio which was a pretty incredible venue. It was a privilege to be a part of Fuels 20th Anniversary Sunburn tour and to have the opportunity to see them live and get to know them a little better.

Well earned downtime!

2017 - Thank you for everything,.... the opportunities, new experiences, new friendships formed and the knowledge that together the Merrin Fam can achieve anything we set our minds too. Special thanks to Riccardo the rock guy for always having our back!

We worked so hard during last year that we have decided to enjoy our summertime during 2018 and get back in to the swing of things in this space

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