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A One Night Stand with 90's Rock Royalty Everclear

Whether you love Everclear or not, there's no denying that: a) Over the decades their music has been the soundtrack for TONNES of people's lives worldwide, helping them through hardships, break ups, tragedies, rebellions and other momentous occasions - the list goes on. You only have to visit the blogs and fan pages of their fanatics to see first-hand accounts.

b) Lead singer Art Alexakis (pronounced Alex-SAH-kiss) and the guys make themselves available to the fans on & off stage, which they LOVE. Freddy Herrera (bass) and Sean Winchester (drums) chatted with us on Twitter, so we were able to build some rapport before meeting in the flesh.

c) They are humble guys. Really! By the end of the night: Joshua Crawley (keys and guitar) had invited us to experience his Portland hospitality the next time we were in his hometown; We'd had some in-depth conversations with Art about the state of rock, touring and how Nicaraguan cigars are the best AND Freddy who talked about bands, giving up his love of skating to take up the bass and how Art spotted him at another gig before circumstances aligned for him to join Everclear. We shared fist bumps and mutual appreciations with Sean, while our Charlie chatted to Davey French (lead guitar) briefly and said he was a lovely guy. Most importantly, multiple cuddles were given and received by EVERYONE :) For an unknown indie rock band from New Zealand, being main support for a group like Everclear is HUGE. But the highlight of the night? Seeing our Bossman's eyes light up, shoulders held back and posture proud as punch as he met his idol Art before playing the same stage - that's the stuff dreams are made of. Those warm fuzzies will last a lifetime xx Many thanks to Paul Marshall & Paul Ivory from The Artist Agency for giving us the opportunity to play. We're all beyond grateful!

Karl and Art

Words from the team:

Karl: The heat onstage was unforgettable! Everyone wondering what we were doing, why we wore our masks the way we do, wanting to know where to get a mask like ours and the story behind them. There is an absolute fantastic vibe that comes from being a lover of old school rock, which shone on the audience this night. It just reaffirms to me, that there is a place for us and our music. FYI: Getting a photo taken with Art, LEGEND!

Charlie: Last night we played to a sea of happy smiling faces, in what was classed by the US awesomes as a "cool little joint" and we were drowning in nothing but positive comments, love and hugs. The reaction to Everclear by the audience was infectious, loud, proud and totally undeniable. A whole era brought up on real live music, rocking out excitedly. Meeting the whole team and talking to them like we have been mates for a while was something else. Being taught the art of being able to pick a good cigar … priceless, being invited over for dinner in Oregon … Perfect! I want to meet beautiful real people like you all over the world … That's what I want.

Lisa: FREDDY KNEW MY NAME! Thank you Twitter ;) The thing that stuck with me the most about Everclear was their accessibility. I didn't feel any ego and they treated us like normal people. I'd never heard of them OR their music but my music besties schooled me up, I talked to other hardcore fans who shared their experiences via social media and I genuinely like the feel of Black Is The New Black. As always - LOVE performing our music with my partners in crime onstage! Luvs to Darren Mathiasson & Ali Isdale for bringing the in-ear transmitters and receiver packs - the promoters said you saved the night! Extra luvs to Ian Black from Fuser and the King Laser boys Jonny, Nick, Ben & Greg for sharing your gear and being cool dudes. HUGS to our friends Heather, Robb, Brooke and Shane who were in the crowd along with Aaron & Ted Frickleton who came down from Palmy. Ooh, can't forget meeting Elaine, Kate and a few other MERRIN converts at the gig - thank you for going out of your way to approach me and say how much you enjoyed our set xx

Richie: Thinking back to Sunday's gig at Bodega is such a shopping trolley of mixed emotions and that's just me let alone what my band mates might be feeling. But when the intro started, leading into our first song, I looked out into the crowd and realized - they were looking back at US! So it was game on! By the end of it all, I know they have been \m/errinaised. Living in the NOW had never been so surreal or sweet listening to rock royalty EVERCLEAR LIVE!

MERRIN MODE from L-R: Karl, Charlie, Lisa & Richie

All in all, after a month FULL of ups and downs, Sunday the 3rd May will be remembered by us as the day we played with 90's Legends - and the beginning of something new that is a-brewing behind the scenes. Stay tuned good people xx

All pictures except the gig poster and the image of Karl & Art are courtesy of Rose Gawn:

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