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Change is in the air...

Now, I know this will sound completely out of the blue but heeeey it's Charlie here... IKR?! This never happens, especially NOT twice in one year! At the end of 2015, Karl and I felt a massive change building in the heart of everything we did. Some awesome opportunities were offered and some of the hardest decisions were made. We didn't want to upset our friends or families but found ourselves lost in our own space. Sometimes I just wanted the rest of the world to back off and leave us the hell alone, other times it was the best headspace to be in ever. For that manic, high and low state reason, I still maintain that for me, 2015 was the shittest year ever!

Lyrics by Karl Wootton, Charlie Phillips and someone who wishes to remain anonymous for now ;)

It's a hard road trying to do what's right when you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We feel so encouraged that our team have always been there for us, even if at times we felt like we were taking big risks. Our team are like a base of love and massive understanding throughout all the madness. Problem was, Karl and I were struggling to communicate what it was we felt we needed, so our beautiful supportive team/family didn't know how sometimes, to help us. How did we fix it?!?... Karl and I escaped from Wellington, for some time up the East Coast. So with nothing more than a pen, paper and a crappy ole` guitar, we reminded ourselves again what we love about sound, we grounded ourselves and in our beautiful little room with a view we started writing passionately again. Planning out what actually feels right to us. As we did this, we felt more and more like we were able to offer something to the universe regardless of the rollercoaster ride we often live on. Something that we can be proud of. It felt like it had been far too long to be honest. During this time we started to realise more and more that we needed to help our team understand us better. It made us realise how we had been sitting on a fence a little, not trusting our thoughts. With so much love and support, why would we not trust ourselves? I'm a nobody from a small town in the heart of a place Americans think is in the U.K. For the record we are in New Zealand and no that's not a place in Australia lol. And Karl, he's a guy with a childhood dream spawned from long ago in a hospital bed that stole my heart and made me crave to be better than the sad pathetic existence I too often felt. Our love for this team is undying. xx K & C

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