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Karl and Charlie from Merrin Session 1 “Sin” | Mother Madness Monday’s #MMM

Published on Jun 20, 2016

☥ FOR FREE MUSIC, subscribe to our newsletter on our site and reply to the confirmation email! ☥ Website: ☥ Instagram: @merrinaised ☥ Twitter: @merrinaised ☥ Facebook: @merrinnz ☥ Youtube: @merrinaised OPEN FOR MORE INFO! ☥ If you want to come and say hello to Karl and Charlie? Email them directly at: ☥ If you have some ideas we can vlog on, let us know…we will definitely consider all sorts of randomness :D ☥ Sin came as part of an album Karl and I chose to write while away on holiday at the start of 2016. We cannot wait to share it with you over the coming months. ☥ Sin lyrics Drinking in this shady bar, reeks of blood and old guitar’s From the scene I’m soaking in You walk in dripping of Sin Oh I swear, the tequila’s tasting alright Oh I swear, you’re looking mighty fine tonight Addicted, can’t fight it…Feel the Sin My kisses bathed in red…Feel the Sin Playing with fire as you drag me down Satisfy the desire, this is my Sin ☥ KEYWORDS: Sin, Merrin, Karl Wootton, Charlie Phillips, Music, Acoustic, Guitar, blog, vlog, people, thoughts, merrinmadness, merrinaised, merrinlife

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