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2017 to date!

Wow is all we can say. Mr.Dominant was released 01/01/2017 and ever since then, it's been exciting for us. We played a tour, met amazing people, talked over ideas with even more amazing people and have been asked to add our music to so many radio's we can't keep up. Whoah. If you haven't seen Mr.Dominant, check it out below!

We got on the NZ Official Heatseeker Charts twice while on tour, for the single release of Mr.Dominant, 2017! Tune in to SPOTIFY and add it to your playlist for a listen. Thank you for all of your support this year so far, you're massive \m/(^_^)

This was an exciting start to the year :D

Hamilton with wonderful folk!

Our tour poster

Welly you beautiful place we call home.

Nearly all of the boys ;)


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