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Day 13 Beauty and the beast

Trying to sleep well, seems a hard task these last few months but now it seems worse than ever, a few of the songs are constantly screaming in my head which is usually a sign to me that they are not quite ready yet. I have never done anything on this scale before so although we are currently working on issues, I find myself wanting to detach and go somewhere warmer and less intense.

Last weekend was hard work, learning some new tricks, being reminded of old ones and also loads of self evaluation. We are going through a little bit of personal turmoil and confusion trying to dig through what aligns with us and what doesn't. We have stress at home too. Some of our close friends know we have been waiting for home renovations to be approved for changes to our home since January this year and it hasn't happened yet due to the earthquakes in our region so our house is looking like it needs a fairy god mother to come and put things back in to perspective. All in good time. We are really proud though, we are now finally on the third biggest radio syndicates in NZ it encompasses both the North and South Islands and the people who have been able to take 10mins to catch up with me are really lovely! We feel like we must say thanks to one of the coolest guys we know "Riccardo the rock guy". He has been a bit of an anchor of stability for our team recently. Always learning. Always grateful! To top things off, the NZ Metal Molten Show, Rock It 107.5FM Port Chalmers and Bay RockFM have taken us on board. This is wonderful news for our band. Between the festivals we are wanting to apply for and people we are starting to align ourselves with. We are feeling really lucky to meet great down to earth people who have a genuine passion for our music. Another person I feel like I'm always forever grateful for is Heather our manager has gone from being a great personal friend and knowing nothing about this business to being a wealth of knowledge, fleshing out what matters to us and allowing me the chance to be a lot more artistic these days. It's one of the kindest selfless things anyone has done for me personally and I appreciate that beyond words. Anyway, we have what we would class as a first demo of our album. This takes months and months of fine tuning and we're crazy enough to think we can do it in a few small months. Hmmm we'll see. Let's see what the issues list comes out like aye.

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