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The sound is coming together!

I'm listening to the 1st edit of one of our songs from post production. I think this is the guy's favourite song and also Heather (manager) and Alex (designers) favourite song?? Oh I cannot remember, I'm sure they'll correct me. Geeze I'm surprised with the number of times it's been played at our home recently, that it's not our fur babies favourite song (i think). They seem to spend a lot of time sleeping through it so maybe they have just given up being polite.

Although I do like this song a lot, I haven't fallen in love with it quite like the others have. This song already wraps me in its blanket of sound and I feel a typical familiarity of how it will unfold, but it's the ones I feel unsafe on artistically that I'm attracted to the most always. The ones beyond the veil of certainty, the unexpectedly beautiful, they are the ones that I crave the most.

Not to state anything negative about this baby at all but it's kind of funny cause it's always these types of songs that once I've touched them with my cold loving embrace, I find them hard to soak in. I know, I know... I must stress I not that I dislike ANY of these songs or they simply wouldn't be placed on the album, but I can't help how I feel and people are always very quick to tell me what they like and don't like so I'm putting it out there. My blog, my head.

Each of us has played our part writing all of these songs proudly. The lyrics and vocals I'm definitely happy with and they suit the music for sure. But for me, I can't say I'm in love with it like I am some of the others. I navigate my way through the story of this album crafting my own sense of love and passion into the walls. But I'll leave it at that and let you be the judge of your own thoughts when you can finally listen to it. Art is a matter of perspective and my perspective does not have to be yours at all! So enjoy.

Charlie xx

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