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So...let's talk about some of the songs!

"Durty Little Secret" Yes it's spelt wrong, great observation... but for good reason. I'm a trash queen and I don't really give a fuck, so my theme stands. XD. This song has been enjoyed at many a gig. It's one of those songs that we've changed slightly several times and no one ever notices all because they are too busy enjoying the feel. Well guess what, we've changed it slightly again but for the last time on this album...aye Angelo *Cracksup

"War Within", I never realised that I would open up old war wounds while writing this album. I've been dealing with life so well over the last few years, that I don't think much about the fact that life hasn't always been easy.

I'm one of those lucky girls. When I say that I mean, I'm the girl bad shit happened to regularly as a young person. I managed to get dragged through the mud a million times and somehow come out worse for wear but still relatively lucid. It lead to me making stupid and even dangerous decisions and from there it messed me up more then ever.

I had a lot of love from good people but I destroyed that love by doing hurtful things because I hated myself. I ended up in the mental health system where I was diagnosed as having SPTSD. I have been addicted, I have been kicked down, I have physical and mental trauma that will never leave me and I have anxiety so bad, sometimes it's debilitating. What I am all together grateful for is the fact that I'm still loved and I know that I'm a good soul, that had has bad days. Anyway I wrote a pretty sad understanding of this song that I decided nobody would want to read. So I choose to write this lighter written piece about what it means instead. Maybe if it's asked for I'll share it. But if not, no love lost 😊

"Burn it up", Is coming along mint. It's packed with high energy, fun, punchy, with an adrenaline fuelled flow and a mean anthem like lead... for those that are unsure, there are many awesome musician action moments in this album. There is not much more that I can say about this but listen to it when it is available, and let us know what you think. We sure hope you'll like it, Burn it up is already a mean song to play out!

We haven't even had time to think up a way to make a video for this baby but it would be fun to do something for sure.

"I Declare War" CRUSH, CRUSH, CRUSH! Need I say more?! Love the determined head space this song puts me in every time I hear it! It makes me want to go and work out and listen to it loud. Now all I need is some weights and time to be able to workout, lord knows I currently need it.

If I can talk a little more about the others today I will. We are currently editing a few more songs today and will get a better feel for them with fresh ears in the next day or so. Cheers C xx

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