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More, about these songs already!

"Ode to the Homicidal Trash Queen" or "OTTHTQ" Karl turned around to me one day and said...I want you to write a song that has these words in it "I'm a trash queen and I don't even give a fuck!" I was sold. Instantly it was like my tragic princess switched on, bad make up sassy bitch hair, tragic outfit and here I was imagination city. This song is all kinds of "HELL YES", it's so fun. We haven't played it out yet. Can't wait to though ;)

Haha bring on the horrific killer nurses of Silent Hill. Every time we play "Get Gone", I'm reminded of the moment I saw that scene for the first time. I was completely absorbed. There is something so satisfying about this song for me. It's like I'm pushing the boundaries of darkness and no-one even knows it. It's a beautiful thing. Oh wait,! :O

My imagination runs wild with this song too. "The Huntress" has all the intoxicating allure of a good ole` school scary horror story which leaves me envious of her brutal, vixen ways. Stunning wrapped up in brutal that's what I keep calling her.

She's a predator who nurtures her hounds just like a mama. I, oh... I mean, she dragged them kicking and screaming out of the depths of hell.

Oh that's right you haven't seen the artwork yet... AND I can't show you yet ;)

That will be out soon we promise!

Alex Pantelakis was eager to get creative and draw something that suites us perfectly. He thought it would be a bit of fun, but he had no idea the outcome and we love it. We feel so grateful. So thanks mister awesome. When I saw the first concept of the drawing I was instantly inspired to right lyrics to the music that is now the very reason this piece exists. It really was a perfect match.

"Father" This is a song we align with everything our band stands for and against. Coming from an extremely religious background I found this an absolutely satisfying song to write. All the things I never felt I could truly say, I say here. When Karl had his first organ transplant as a child he used to dream he would survive long enough to have a rock band that travelled the world that he would call Merrin after his idol fictional character, a humble priest who fought the evil spirits to try and save those burdened by demons. Father Lankester Merrin from the 1977 film 'The Exorcist' this is the film he watched religiously (dare i say), all to keep his mind off all of the physical and mental worries of potentially not surviving. Lucky for us, Karl is still here and so the dream is now very much alive.

We have a few other bits and bobs in there and this is in no particular order yet, but this what we're doing people. Charlie xx

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