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Just a chick who enjoys practise nights on little sleep and loves sugar toffee cookies

Yes I am talking about these amazing things. They rule so god damn much!

If only I could grasp the concept of moderation. I am truly an all or nothing kind of girl.

If you've never had one of these bad boys before, then you will not understand my craziness over the hardened sugar and buttery flavours. You can get them at Silverstream Bakery in the Hutt Valley.

Trust me, you should do this every now and then.

The damn album of which shall not be named...yet!

Oh yeah, practice tonight was spent refining a couple of songs and shaping one of the last songs. Yes it might be late but it feels right to add it so we're going with our gut feeling on this one. Everyone is doing what they can to get by each day. The guys all works day jobs. They all know what it takes to do this. Education is important, a job keeps life in check and allows us the chance to be creative so we can try to live out our dreams where possible.

Currently apart from a few loose ends which should be dealt with this weekend, cross fingers and toes, we are ready to record! We are aiming to record 8 songs in the studio next weekend. We already have another 3 ready to add, if it feels right.

Having the chance to be immersed in creativity has helped my confidence and lured me come out of my shell again as an artist. I can't speak for the guys but I'm loving everything about this project.

The "highs", the "lows" and the "in betweens". The taking control and helping the guys with their tracking time, using methods we have learned over the years but never felt we had the resources, the confidence or the management skills to attack plans with.

Balancing all of our creative thoughts and pulling in together to ensure we get the best we can of everything we love. The trust built between us all uniquely is actually filling my tank with this amazing sense of accomplishment.

Most days we get a few steps closer to that sound we want to accomplish and then an odd ball will hit us and we'll be back to the drawing board again re-shaping our thoughts till it feels right. This doesn't seem to cause panic we just seem to get on with the job then trial them out a few days later. Everyone has input, we don't mess around with it, if something feels off then we try and pinpoint it and work on it.

Karl and I have been home since around 10pm tonight and since then Karl has been editing our recordings from this evening. I'm so proud of the guys, everyone is working overtime to get this right. We all need to be able to hear any parts we've changed before the next practise or else we'll all be looking at each other like stunned mullet on Sunday. So the fact that Karl can track our practises and then throw us demos is helping us see the bigger picture, quickly.

This is the first time for me that things have felt honest, straight up and exciting. The music feels exhilarating...ALIVE!

Unfortunately it's accounts time so my next few days will be in that, booooo. Bring on Sunday/Monday! Practise days with my bros.

LASTLY...Ermaagerd. We have a comments box. Let's try it...

Stop in and say hey!

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