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Studio Day 2: Thunderous distortion all round and this evil sound hag raven, snuggled up in her slee

Oh sad but true😂

Well we've been working hard all did this sadistic queen who was supposed to keep her reckless hounds from hell focussed, end up laxing in her favourite sleeping bag?! I must have run them raggid...yip that must have been it 😂

Hey, there must be some simple pleasures right?

#realtalk I stole that bag from Karl ages ago. In fact many people who have experienced this sleeping bag, love the damn thing. It's addictive! Dammit, focus Charlie...

Oh lordy we had a very bizarre experience of the supernatural kind today ... We recorded Father a very intense song and no sooner did that happen...some creepy stuff started happening.

I will save that for another blog one day but for now I need to sign off. Did we end up on track? Oh hell yes. We ticked off Day 2 and now sleep is looking mighty fantastic. Back to it again tomorrow, but for now zzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Bring on Day 3 xx

Highlight of the teams day?

Tomorrow, same time, same bat channel

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