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Day 4 Studio - NO MORE COW BELL!

It's Monday... I'm listening to the tracking from over the weekend. Even though they are not there, I can still hear the click tracks playing in my mind. The tracks are pretty much in raw form at this stage and I'm flooded with the feeling that we finally have that balance between rocking aggression and passion. We know what we want to achieve, we know how and why we want to achieve things too. To say our focus and beliefs have changed is an understatement. I imagine Merrin as a Pheonix reborn. Fresh, strong, passionate, alluring, fascinating, progressive, driven and alive.

Merrin - Gang vocal session

I've learned so much all over again. Technology and methods are forever changing and what works for some, may not work for others. Never say never! There are gear upgrades, method changes, great minds, different eras, all in different head spaces, all with positive goals in mind. We are all working hard to ensure this sits, with our sound. There is no right or wrong way as far as we're concerned when it comes to learning. Sure there are some things from experience we choose not to apply, but we aren’t afraid to try things if we feel they might evolve differently for the team. We don't mind hard lessons and have no issue with working hard at all. Life experience is a grand thing. It should be embrace and treasured.

I heard that the guys went home amped from the studio. They have every right... the guys worked fucking hard! So hard in fact that there was booty bopping all over the show.

Oh good god Johnny! We are tracking vocals separately so I basically sat back and tried to help keep the reminders and positivity flowing from my comfort zone, the sofa at the back of the control room. Ode to the backseat driver haha. All the guys had work in the morning, including Karl so we wanted to make sure everyone still functioned as usual. Karl and I stayed behind with Phill and Blair from Matrix Digital to get an overview of the weekend. I feel like I laxed back because the stress was off me, yet everything we set out to do was achieved. This took so long to plan and it's only one part of the bigger picture.

Phill and Blair you are a fantastic team! Your attention to detail is outstanding, your gear is fantastic and your mindset is the right type of honest yet calming influence. I believe any artist/band should aim to experience recording at this level of professionalism.

Karl and I are ready to track Logans parts. Better run, catch up later.

Charlie xx

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