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Day 5 - A little soul...

We've achieved 3 vocal sessions over the last few days and we almost have 3 songs tracked. I can't say this enough, the guys parts are sounding fantastic. We started at 10am today, minus the afternoon/evening break in between to give my chords a well needed break, we finished at 1am this morning. Karl and I sat down to tea at 1:30am eating salad in buns while listening to raw mixes.

Oh hell I hope the lyrics are correct, will check again tomorrow.

While listening through the vox (vocal) tracks, these thoughts sprung to mind.

  • Be humble, believe in yourself, embrace self respect, it's ok to be a little naive but don't get sucked into bs, stay focussed!

  • Fight for your chance at an amazing life

  • Not happy? Change it! You are only tied to the walls built in your mind.

  • Own your choices

  • You deserve to feel inspiration

  • Learn from the great times and the hard times

  • My voice, my power... TAKE NO PRISONERS

  • Do it right, once it's out, there's no going back.

  • Don't give anyone more of yourself, than you have to offer safely.

These are some of the words we want to keep in our minds while tracking and the 8 tracks we are creating right now. Thanks KatyCat for making this readable, your hand writing is on point!

Anyone that is in my life knows that Merrin is my everything. It might seem sad to some, but I think it just shows how passionate and driven I am about what I want. It's a bit like a chef who obsesses over the finer details of food or a person who craves to find that needle in a haystack of code because something is not quite working the way it should. Don't try to change me, this is what fuels my heart.

It's amazing to think that a while back, I would stand in the hall way of my home. I would focus on my breathing while waiting for the anxiety pills to kick in, through the anguish of what it would take to leave my front door to get mail from my letterbox, not 5 metres away. I was heavily medicated and in pain, I would constantly feel guilty and worthless. At least now I can walk in my little bubble of life and feel happy to go most places I want.

We've got one life friends...let's live it! Charlie xx

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