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Day 10 1st day mixing

I have no voice, my glands are’s winter. I'm not sick but I feel like I'm going to be. So I turn up to the mixing session with rest in mind. I have comfy clothes on, coffee in hand and ugh boots so I stay warm. Oh my god I’m sure everyone’s gonna hate on this but let’s be real, Wellington is freezing this time of year! I sit in what’s become my usual happy place of the control room.

It's the first day hearing everything together. I'm absorbing what the engineering crew have to do to make this sound come together as best as possible. Today, I can see everyone listening for specific things to occur. Me I'm just keeping note of time, blogging and if they ask me questions, I'll answer as best I can. So far Phill, Blair and Karl worked on a couple of the songs. Karl uses a different type of software for mixing usually so his knowledge is limited on what this studio uses. You can tell regardless that what we are wanting for the sound is pulling together pretty well. It takes a lot of concentration and ruthless honesty to do this, too many opinions in the mix and you can end up completely un-focussed. Phill gives feedback, we realise the scope of what we’re trying to achieve in such a short time frame. That won’t stop us, it just makes us think more about what we need to do. As a team, we keep pushing along.

Charlie in the control room of Matrix Digital Studios

An album isn’t built in a short time frame at all. An album in it’s right state should be given time. Good music, takes why should the attempt to capture it, be a rushed process. So right now we go in with the opinion that it will take as long as it takes. We will take things in our stride this weekend and see how we go from there.


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