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Album "1" The little things we find on our phones: Forsake me, Father.

I've recently realised that we are like that game ... ya know the one sesame street used to play? One of these things is not like the others. Yeah that game haha, yeah well, I seem to be singing that song hauntingly in my head a lot lately. Like in the tone of Coralines "other mother" creepy af yet exciting all the same. When we were in the studio, on the initial starting point of this album, Karl and I guided through quite specifically some ideas of what we'd like to create for my vocals. It was unreal seeing it all come together and checking that it made sense. This is the starting point or Part 1 for 'Father'. We were inspired to write this song to create the flow between our music, our band, and the reason why our band is here in the first place. LYRICS: Check out the video too! Father please...release me! The power of him compels you, the power of you compels him Father please...let me be! Come to us you the chosen, come to me...

Ye who demands to purge my soul

In his dominion my blood runs cold

My sacrifice.

A true believer I'm not a saint

Hostage to the devil bound by flames

You dare speak his name? You dare speak his name?!

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