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Day 16, 17 & 18 Come rain, hail or sickness... we shall record!

Bass tracks started Monday. Karl picked up Logan and here he was, sick as anything. For those that know us we usually beg for people to stay away if they are sick but this time we've decided it's crucial to get this done. Lucky it is the school holidays! Logan is fighting with time to get everything done before he goes away training on a cadet camp next week. So we all decided that it's better that he comes over if he's up for it to get his parts recorded regardless. Karl will want all of the bass parts tracked, so he can get editing well underway by then.

We expected Logan to record three songs that day. After seeing him, we thought we would roll with the punches if he wasn't up for it. It's funny how often we forget that Logan is a 16-year-old youth. He is more grown up than all of us put together at times. Kind hearted and hardworking just like his dad.

Logan and his family also received some sad news over the weekend so he is ticking off his checklist of things he needs to get done right now. I'm pretty sure he will do that right up until camp.

What a trooper!

Haha, a small teaser ;). Logan and Karl got up early and nailed another 2 songs on Tuesday before Logan went down hill again. He's gone home to rest up for a day and then he will come back tomorrow (Thursday) for the next session.

A storm has come into town overnight. The cold, blustery hail is chilling me to the bone, so I put on a pot of soup to keep us going today while we keep chipping away with odd jobs.

Soup, glorious soup!

I have been sorting concepts for our CD artwork till late most mornings recently. My back is giving me grief due to an old injury as well so I will need to start setting an alarm to take regular breaks and move around. I managed to chip away at it a little more last night.

Alex, Angelos dad has a bit of a hidden passion for designer himself asked a little while back if he could try and make something for us too, so that is in the pipeline as well.

It's Wednesday, Karl will do some more work on some of the drum tracks at some stage later this evening. And I will keep on trucking. We barely see each other right now but we are excited none the less.

And it's annual accounts time. Oh, joy. This to us is what it's all about kids. Charlie

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