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I woke up, bolt upright at 5:30am. I'm now very excited about this weekend. The guys have been working insanely hard in among trying to keep a semi normal daily life. Now as far as building an album is concerned, I'm not saying it's the right way but at the moment this is what we've got. When it became an obvious move, I asked myself some serious questions:

  • Will this make us attempt to kill each other in the end? NO! It's probably going to bring us closer together. We've certainly learned loads about what we all want and it's leaving us feeling alive and driven.

  • What would we want to get out of making this first album? Something that shows at least the start of our latest sound. We want to show that we are inspired to create. That we've got that positive creative spark running through our veins... that we are not running with the norm.

  • What do I want to personally achieve from this? To find myself artistically again. It feels like I haven't had a date with "that bitch" in years. The woman with a heart of gold spawned from the ashes of Aotearoa, who pulls no punches because she knows what it takes to be in this world. She is artistic, confident and breathing life into everything that's touched. I feel I was robbed of her years ago...all to be a business person, for us. To be fair, rightly so! Many bands desperately need to find a person willing to learn the business ropes, when trying to figure this whole industry out. I am glad I know what it's like to work hard and I don't regret it for a second!

  • Shall we take the risk and build most of it alone even with the short timeframe? We've wanted to try to for so long...Why not take the plunge, what have we got to loose?!

  • Could we really afford the cost of an album and will we make the ROI for doing it? Let's be real, even a few of our acquaintances in the past have mistaken us for being all about the money. If we were doing it for that, we would have been out of this game years ago! #realtalk Things do cost! It's a bit like coffee just on a larger scale, you get what you put in. Hell if we didn't make our money back we'd still have a blast doing this. Time will tell. Can we afford it...YES...Will we met our ROI...We already have.

  • Could we really afford to cut an album in 6 - 7 weeks from recording process to disk? HAHAHA Time will tell...give us a month and I'll update you

  • Am I destined to hit a mental hospital, way before we send our work off to the distributor who needs everything 6 weeks before we release? Same as above.

What I do know is this...

Merrin pre production of 2017 album

This is Merrin!

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