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Day 6 Mortified

After my last blog I decided enough was enough. Our home was constantly in a state, I couldn’t find things anymore so I needed to sort it out. Win, I got my house clean, yass bitches! I even had a hot bath which I haven’t been able to do in months. Then I decided to chill out with a glass of whiskey on ice and listen to my raw vocal tracks for any inconsistencies.

We have been busy since the start of the year. Some of the equipment we were hoping to set up for some of this tracking at home, hasn’t been achieved pretty much because we weren’t aiming to track this album till around October. It’s ok but it can be a nightmare when trying to keep the tracks raw or unedited. All the volume levels can vary at this early stage due to what I need to hear in my phones.

Maybe it was the alcohol, I dunno...but the more I listened to my voice, the more I freaked out for the worst. Listening to these raw, and trying to get a feel for what could happen after post production is really hard work on my brain.

Karl could have edited these tracks to make it easier but the fact is that they will definitely sound different taking them elsewhere, with Karls help, these babies are being mixed down at Matrix Digital where we tracked the guys. Phill, the Director of the studio said to me if I felt concerned, that I could come in and check where things are at.

The next morning we rung and organised to come in. We were working with Alex while every so often Blair and Phill would pop in and see how it was going. Karl was like a kid in a candy store. Just quietly, I think even Phill felt a small rush of enthusiasm as he put in his thoughts towards a prayer we added. Yes that’s right, a prayer.

Karl added some excitement in the mix, you will hear things evolve soon enough!

Karl was so exhausted after tracking just one of these. It’s an exhausting process but he was a trouper and did this about 8 times. Thanks for taking one for the team :D

Short story…

The vocals to four of our songs are mostly complete Karl and the Matrix team we’re constantly working through all of the options and it was awesome to no longer feel worried about what I was trying to achieve. Thanks guys!

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